In my research I ask some of the following questions:

-- what are the timescales over which large batholiths are constructed?

-- what controls complex spatio-temporal patterns observed in continental arcs?

-- what is the relationship between episodes of arc growth and deformation in the upper plate of convergent systems?

-- what role does delamination play in modifying arc crust? in driving exhumation and deformation at the surface?


In my research, I commonly use the following tools:

- field observation

- zircon U/Pb geochronology (magmatic and detrital)

- radiogenic isotopes

- whole rock geochemistry


I co-manage a laser ablation ICP-MS lab at CSUN with Dr. Joshua Schwartz. Interested in visiting the lab or learning more? Go here.


- early arc development in the southwestern US

- causes of arc flare-ups in the Coast Mountain batholith, British Columbia

- tectonic history of the northern Sierra Nevada

- using detrital zircon analysis of Miocene - Quaternary basinal deposits to constrain San Andreas Fault offset