Bret Sample (MS)

Provenance of Miocene strata of the El Paso Basin, southern CA, and implications for uplift of the southern Sierra Nevada


Detrital zircon analysis of the Ridge Basin, southern CA, and implications for fault slip transfer and drainage basin reorganization.


John lightburn (BS)

Detrital zircon analysis of Paleozoic and Mesozoic (?) metasedimentary rocks of the Lane Mountain region, Mojave Desert.


joella campbell (BS)

Using geochronology to constrain multiple phases of deformation in the Fremont Peak gneiss, western Mojave Desert, California.


Former Students


Hf and O isotopes in arc magmas of the southern Coast Mountains batholith, British Columbia. 



Paleogeography and tectonic history of a Permian basin in the El Paso Mountains, northern Mojave Desert, CA


Christine truong (bS, 2016)


Geochemistry of the southern Coast Mountains batholith, British Columbia, and insights into temporal changes in crustal thickness.


mary ann ferrer (bS, 2016)

Dating early arc magmatism in the western North American Cordillera – a study from the El Paso Mountains, California 

Nick rousseau (MS, 2015)

Investigation into the episodic behavior and potential cause of Jurassic magmatism in the northern Sierra Nevada, California

casey polon (bS, 2013)

Detrital zircon provenance of the gold-bearing gravels and implications for the uplift of the northern Sierra Nevada